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Mohammed Khudairi gives and interview at the 2018 IBBC Spring Conference

5/25/2018, Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC), London

[SUMMARY]: “Mohammed Khudairi, Managing Partner at Khudairi Group, discusses the technology ecosystem in Iraq and how to create a cluster of innovation with the help of universities and governments to support corporations, investors and entrepreneurs to align towards a common goal and vision, in view of creating a thriving and healthy ecosystem.”

In focus: Investing in Iraq’s technology ecosystem

5/23/2018, MAGNiTT, Yasmeen Turayshi (board of TechWadi) and Mohammed Khudairi (Iraq Tech Ventures)

[EXCERPTS]:  “With the collaboration of Mohammed Khudairi, Managing Partner of Khudairi Group in Dubai, who hopes to establish Iraq’s first venture capital fund, we’re excited to share the data and stories from the country.”

“Iraqis are Young, Tech-Savvy & Connected. The country’s demographics are similar to the rest of the Middle East and their biggest asset is human capital. The majority of Iraqis are young, urban and educated. Approximately 60% are under 25 years old, approximately 70% live in urban areas, and literacy rates are north of 80%.”

“With enough investment in the ecosystem, our hope is that the media and Western perception of Iraq will shift as people realize the potential the country has; not because of it’s oil, but because of its people.”

Tech in Iraq: A New Way Forward 

5/23/2018, Bite. Tech, Mohammed Khudairi

[SUMMARY]: In a presentation given to the participants of IBBC’s 2018 Spring Conference in London, Mr. Khudairi shares information about the current tech ecosystem in Iraq and how Iraq must create a cluster of innovation engaging startups, government, and academic institutions.

Tech in Iraq 

8/22/2017, Bite. Tech, Mohammed Khudairi

[EXCERPT]: “Through many visits to Iraq and exciting conversations with visionaries like Hal Miran, I began to learn about Iraq’s budding world of startups, incubators and entrepreneurs. Communities and organizations such as FikraSpace in Baghdad, along with Re:Coded and Five One Labs based at TechHub in Erbil, have all developed in recent years and are growing at an astonishing pace. In my quest to figure out how I could best contribute to this ecosystem, I learned that we don’t have to wait for more “traditional” investment conditions to get involved.”